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Why your dog should Paw The Line...

Teaching your dog to Paw The Line is an important part of forming a well-rounded adult dog, it is important that a dog is trained to keep it, and the people and animals around it safe. Training has many benefits for both dog and owner and provides a strong base for a happy relationship between dog and owner to grow. One of the benefits of training is that it provides mental stimulation, this both tires the dog out and keeps boredom at bay. A stimulated dog is a happy dog and a happy dog is less likely to be destructive or display unwanted behaviour. Another benefit of a trained dog is that the owner or handler can feel confident when taking the dog out in public. It is important that a dog can effectively obey commands to keep it out of danger and to avoid danger to others. Establishing boundaries helps to maintain a level of trust and security between dog and owner and will help to build a more enjoyable relationship. Dogs can become stressed and upset when they do not know their place in their pack and do not understand what is expected of them, this can lead to unwanted behaviour.

Some common problems encountered when training young pups (and sometimes older dogs too) is lack of attention. Puppies only have short attention spans and so training is better to be provided multiple times a day for a short duration, this will help to keep the dog engaged and interested enough to learn what you are teaching without getting distracted. It's really important you end your training sessions on a positive note so your dog remembers how fun training is!

If you need help getting your dog to Paw The Line, reach out now, I'd love to help!

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