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Let's talk Labradoodles (and all things fluffy)

There are so many poodle cross breed variations around these days (think cavoodle, cockapoo, bidoodle and of course the labradoodle) these cute fluffy doggos are becoming an increasingly popular choice of companion here in New Zealand. Have you ever wondered where they came from and why? Read on to find out!

Labradoodles came about following a request to the Australian Guide Dog Association (AGDA) from a blind woman living in Hawaii. She needed a guide dog but unfortunately her husband had severe allergies to dog hair and so she could not use the usual hair-shedding breeds of guide dog. The AGDA decided they would try to breed a suitable dog for the woman as they had no suitable dogs at the time and decided a poodle would be ideal due to its woolly, non-shedding fur, the poodle selected was from Sweden and had a quality working bloodline. The AGDA paired the poodle with one of their Labradors, a proven high achieving breed, and thus the Labradoodle was created. These dogs are very popular as they are highly trainable, loving and shed very little, if any, hair. Over time more and more breeds have been mixed with the humble poodle, resulting in cute cuddly companions of all sizes and temperaments, to suite different households and lifestyles. If you're thinking of getting a new furry friend, or have one and haven't had the time to invest in training them, make sure to check out the rest of my site to see how I can help. These dogs have so much potential and investing in training them once, the right way, will set you up for a long and happy relationship with your dog.

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